Zero Waste Madeira

Creating a circular and waste-free island.


The over-consumption of our planet’s resources and the resulting production of waste is a major environmental issue. 

In 2018, we witnessed a turning point in the fight against global warming, as well as a general awareness following the unprecedented mobilisation of young people and the organisation of climate strikes every Friday. 

The call for a more resilient, circular and low-carbon economic model appears to be more relevant today than ever before.

Zero Waste Madeira is determined to combat the degradation of the planet through sustainable consumption and production patterns. It ensures the sustainable management of the planet’s natural resources and takes urgent action to combat climate change so that it can meet the needs of present and future generations.

Raising awareness about waste problems and solutions.

Zero Waste Madeira raises public awareness through concrete and inspiring activities. It invites people to get involved in the zero-waste movement and to join a community of involved and responsible citizens.

Its actions focus on waste reduction, reduction of the waste of natural resources, promotion of composting, reusing, repairing, sharing, renting and the local circular economy, sustainable and responsible consumption, awareness and prevention, and behavioural change.

Brand Solution

We needed to create a brand that would catch the eye in a friendly, fun and engaging way. 

To reach these island inhabitants and make them reflect on taking care of what they are so proud of, we created a visual language that borrows island colours, includes images of nature, and utilises a friendly font, together representing the hearts of these local people.

The messaging is all about asking questions and raising awareness in a gentle way. The logo looks like a stamp—a reminder of its zero-waste commitment. It features the island and a hidden “M”, representing the actual island of Madeira.