The Low-Footprint Industrial Bottle Filling Machine


Modern industrial bottle-filling processes are outdated and not up to the standard they could and should be. The current state of the world demands new solutions in all areas of the industrial economy, including cutting carbon emissions as much as possible.

Omni takes its role in industrial bottle-filling automation so seriously that it has developed a low-footprint bottle-filling machine that will help cut worldwide emissions when implemented on a global scale.

The Low-Footprint Industrial Bottle Filling Machine

A step towards an environmentally friendlier future.

The Omni automatic bottle filler is fully electric, features no pneumatics and requires no compressed air. It is highly accurate and time-efficient, and it completes a full cycle in 60 seconds per tray, filling to +/-2% by volume. The machine is benchtop mounted with a very small footprint and features an even heat distribution that ensures no hot spots. The PID-controlled temperature regulation is completely adjustable for the user. 

The machine is fully enclosed, ensuring open cartridges remain free from contamination. On top of that, Omni features WiFi, enabling remote support and diagnostics. It has a large user-friendly touchscreen interface and allows easy adjustment of fill calibration through the GUI.

Brand Solution

To gain the trust of customers, Omni relies on a visual appearance that highlights its expertise in technology and invention, capturing the attention of the viewer. A visual market research and customer survey revealed a market gap that could be filled. 

A strong logo combined with a sleek design and a mystical colour palette that is different from its competitors, as well as a realistic 3D rendering of the machine, all brought the new face of Omni to life.