Brighter Future

A design agency for regenerative, planet-first and purpose-driven businesses.


A powerful brand is one of the greatest assets an organisation with a mission can have. And while everyone wants a brand identity that is visually appealing, to be truly successful, change-focused branding must appeal to the soul. 

It has to be exciting, relevant, and authentic, perfectly encapsulating and communicating the values and goals of the organisation.

Brighter Future is committed to building successful brands for socially conscious, planet-first, purpose-driven organisations that create positive change in the world and benefit the greater good.

When purpose-driven companies succeed, the world benefits.

Purpose is the reason a product, service or idea takes hold and resonates with people. It is what makes others listen and engage. Purpose is what captures hearts and minds, and it drives people to take positive action.

As a team of experienced brand builders and designers, Brighter Future’s purpose is to use its extensive design skills and expertise to help organisations create a positive impact in the world.

Its mission is to give great ideas that can change the future the best chance of spreading and taking root in communities around the world.

Brand Solution

After countless hours of research and brainstorming, we identified the greatest challenges faced by the company and developed an integrated brand strategy for Brighter Future. Basing the design decisions on the findings of the brand strategy, we developed a brand that is simple, strong and meaningful. 

The logo is one of Brighter Future’s most important brand assets. It represents who they are: a sincere and inspired organisation that strives for change. Composed using a strong font and two symbols, the logo suggests an organisation that puts the planet and people at the core of each and every decision.

A range of beautiful nature images that capture the viewer’s emotions and a unique font with strong messages complete the identity of this planet-driven and people-focused design agency.